Building Acoustics

A common cause of problems in urban settings is the noise from one dwelling or building disturbing another.

Our Acoustic Consultant can make an acoustic site inspection to examine the current sound insulation performance, and after the investigation, will offer advice on upgrade solutions for the separating walls or floors.

The Building and Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (or BREEAM) outlines the current best practises for achieving sustainable design, construction and operation of building projects being undertaken in the United Kingdom. 

If you require a noise or vibration BREEAM Compliance Assessment, our qualified Acoustic consultant will define a bespoke set of performance requirements for all function areas of the building, and will consider both building and environmental acoustics. BREEAM awards credits where a building meets the appropriate acoustic performance standards and testing requirements, specific to the building type.


Our Acoustic Consultant can advise at the design stage of your project. Working with the Architect, Builder or Developer, we will take into account design standards and assessment guidelines. We will discuss construction options and solutions, whilst always working in full accordance with the project’s aims.

We will advise on such areas as:

  • External Building Fabric, eg. the components and materials that the building itself is made of, such as the walls, floors, roof, windows and doors
  • Internal Building Fabric, eg. internal surfaces, floors, stairs and landings and all doors and windows. 
  • Soundscapes, which is the acoustic environment as perceived by humans, in context
  • Room Acoustics, which involves the development of aural environments in order to meet the needs and functions of a space

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